Bitcoin Course and Altcoin Bloodbath

Bitcoin Course and Altcoin Bloodbath rings in Black Friday – Review & Outlook on the BTC to China FUD, Miner Capitulation and Course Chaos as well as Cardano, Tezos, Ethereum & Co.

Welcome to our CryptoMonday Weekly Review! Calendar week 47 was a tough week and the Bitcoin course as well as all other crypto currencies declared “Black Friday” one week too early. We want to give you hope and provide peace of mind by reviewing the week and clearing up possible mistakes. Nevertheless, the sad truth is reflected in the Bitcoin course and can also be found at Ethereum, IOTA, Ripple and many other Cryptos: A bloodbath of the very finest.

Was it a discharge with an announcement? What were the backgrounds? We talk about China FUD, Miner surrender and give an outlook on the Bitcoin course, which gives hope or could mean further downward movement. Tezos as champion of the week deserves a place as well as Ethereum and Cardano.

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Bitcoin bloodbath course introduces premature Black Friday and brings bargain prices with the Altcoins

As announced in the intro, it was a deep red week at the Bitcoin course. The same is true for Monero, which means cheap coins for all gambling sites listed at Also Ripple, Ethereum, IOTA and many other Cryptos are at a bargain price. Only at Tezos the traffic lights were on green and so he is the lonely winner of this premature Black Friday week.

Even if it hurts, this bloodbath had indicated itself. The discharge is however all the more violent. The problem in a market with manageable demand: Who should buy, if FUD and panic let the courses tumble? Exactly for this reason the Bitcoin course fell occasionally on even under 7.000 USD in this week. However, it can recover slightly from the chaos and finds itself at around USD 7,300 (23.11.2019, 17:30).

Good chances of joining Bitcoin?

In addition to negative news from China, analysts also doubted whether the Bitcoin price could maintain its valuation at over USD 8,000. The words “Miner surrender” and “Hashrate” became the unword of the week and caused further negative momentum at BTC due to FUD and ambiguities. The fact that a “panic sell” could then quickly trigger a sales cascade was not really surprising and shows that the market is still very unstable. In addition, we are in a phase where there is not enough demand to meet the sales pressure. So we can hold on very soberly: Bitcoin Whales dominate the market and move the Bitcoin price at will.

If you want clarity here, you should definitely take a look at the talk from Mirco & Florian, who have reviewed, evaluated and classified the current market situation. Enlightenment is an important topic here and shows that a lot of ignorance and ambiguity dominates and directs the market.

The Bitcoin Crash: Market Situation, Mood, Miner Capitulation, Hashrate, China & Co.

Anyone who also appreciates the valuation of our TA expert Felix should take a look at the charts here and will see: with a wide range from USD 4,500 to USD 14,000, the Bitcoin price is currently quite conceivable. Trading opportunities that you might want to take advantage of? Here you can see which scenario is more realistic: Bitcoin price collapses – what’s the next step?

Bitcoin Ethereum MillionaireYou are a beginner and wonder what you should consider when investing in Bitcoin? Then this is definitely our latest article: Investing in Bitcoin – 4 investment rules that everyone has to follow! just right for you! Always invest wisely!

Tezos the champion and the fight for the Smart Contract title between Ethereum, Cardano & Co.

The clear winner of the week is Tezos, who scored well with a collaboration with the French military and thus underpinned the usability and reliability of their platform. Thus the Tezos course continues the positive trend of the last weeks and clears up the top 15 of all Cryptos from behind.

Cardano’s founding father, Charles Hoskinson, meanwhile opened a barrel, let the beast out and officially opened the fight for the top position in the smart contract sector. While top dog Ethereum will officially launch the Istanbul Update on 7 December, we have also looked at EOS in comparison and are looking forward to an exciting year 2020 in which the cards will be reshuffled.

  • For this very reason we will take a closer look at Ethereum 2.0, NEO 3.0, Cardano, EOS, TRON and many other competitors. So you can already look forward to further analyses and videos.
  • Now a lot has already been said and if you have looked and read everything so far, you are well informed about the past week. For a better overview I will list the most important articles of the week again and you can choose which you would like to deepen further.

Bitcoin collapse due to China and Binance FUD? – An attempt at clarification

Bitcoin broken coin on China flagOne of the main reasons for the recent Bitcoin bloodbath course are certainly the news from China. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) had caused quite a stir in Shanghai when it announced that it would spot Bitcoin exchanges that had been created by ICOs or were involved in something similar. It is said that there have been raids that have caused further panic with far too unclear news. Rumours about Binance caused panic which, according to the CEO, were fake news. But the biggest enemy of the courses is precisely that: fear, uncertainty and doubt (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt = FUD).

But China’s statement is as clear as it is sobering: Bitcoin and crypto currencies as well as ICOs don’t have much to do with the new blockchain strategy. Who has hoped for a China what Bitcoin & Co. House and yard opens will find itself in the cold reality. Click here to read the article.

Bitcoin course crashes and what happens next? Bitcoin price forecast of 14.000$ vs 4.600$

The big question most investors are asking themselves is: What will happen to the Bitcoin share price now? We don’t know the exact answer any more than most of those who claim to know. But what we do know is that this movement was necessary and predictable. The Bitcoin price was already a small powder keg due to the ever decreasing demand. It’s sad that it was supposedly FUD that pushed the prices back into the valley of tears.

One’s bad luck is the other’s bad luck, traders see in the recent movement now new chances to speculate on falling or rising prices. Our TA expert Felix has also been carried away by an assessment, but makes it clear that many scenarios are conceivable at the moment. The only truth does not exist, this applies above all to technical analyses and forecasts. Trading offers opportunities but also enormous risks. Do your research and decide for yourself what you are willing to lose.