Does Hidemyass Keep Logs?

Internet users are now becoming attentive to the dangers that surround them when they are online. Let’s face it. Hackers are getting more daring in their attempts to hack sites and identity theft has become a standard occurrence. How then can we protect ourselves when we use the internet in our house, in work or anywhere wifi is available? Can we still sleep soundly at night knowing that our identities are secured and nobody will ever guess the usernames and passwords we are using?

Do ourselves have to modify passwords each week? Should we memorize a jumble of letters and numbers for our password? These questions can simply be answered with one thing. That is to utilize secure internet proxy sites like which will shield our identity online.

Hidemyass is one. From their site at, you can see that they’re big on hiding your identity and securing your privace. Their service includes but not limited to:

1. web proxy — for browsing the net anonymously
2. anonymous email — for setting up of email account to be given to untrusted websites and people
3. IP:Port proxies — for masking your IP address and anonymously browse online
4. file upload — for uploading sensitive files without file size limitations
5. Unattributable referrer — for generation anonymous links
6. privacy software — for easy redirecting of web browser traffic
7. pro vpn — for a more safe and safe surfing, browsing and online shopping

The primary six service that hidemyass is all free. It is possible to use them without buying anything from them. However, the Pro VPN includes a cost. This really is as you are given a more extensive security and protection. The Pro VPN is urged to individuals looking for a much more safe use of the web without overstepping the bounds or misusing the service supplied by hidemyass. It’s expected that users of Hidemyass’ services read and fully comprehend the privacy policy and terms of use of the website. This could be found at Although most users usually do not bother to read most terms of use, you might want to make an exception for this site since this really is largely about your online identity which you don’t wish to be stolen.

The concern of most subscriber is security so there’s one question that’s most asked. Does Hidemyass keep logs? The simple reply is yes. Yes, hidemyass maintain logs of the times you connect and disconnect from their service. They do this to monitor web traffic data. Your actual internet traffic is not logged at all. With hidemyass, you are assured that your identity is nicely hidden and they’ll only be disclosed once their terms of use is violated and abuse.

Using the services of websites like Hidemyass will give you the security you’ll need. It’s indeed a fantastic advantage to web users like us. Oftentimes, we forget there are thousands and even millions of folks whose life revolves around stealing advice. It’s our right to be protected and we could only depend on websites like hidemyass for protection.