Hide.me Review – Testing The Free VPN Service

Fastest connections with up to 150 megabits per second and highest security promises hide.me. Even the free version of the VPN offer offers interesting features and is available on an unusually large number of platforms. Our test explains whether hide.me keeps what the provider promises and whether an upgrade to the full version with costs is worthwhile.

Two gigabytes of data volume per month is transferred completely free of charge via hide.me VPN server – that is more than with most competitors. With a monthly price of 16,99 Euro hide.me differs in another point from the competition. Whether the offer can justify this high price, we clarify in the following.

  • Security from Malaysia
  • Expandable application
  • Solid speeds
  • subscription models
  • upshot

Security from Malaysia

The hide.me headquarters is located in Malaysia – this is how they want to protect themselves from control by authorities and increase data protection. This concept is working, because in Malaysia web companies are not obliged to store user data. Accordingly, the provider promises not to store any customer data. This circumstance protects the privacy of the user, but also makes it more difficult to solve crimes.

hide.me also promises the industry-typical AES 256-bit encryption for VPN connections over one of the 35 company servers in 28 different countries. With the appropriate infrastructure hide.me effectively covers all continents. In countries with high demand, such as the USA, several servers are available, effectively preventing overload.

Expandable Application

The easiest way to connect to these servers under Windows and macOS is to use hide.me software. After installation it is very easy to establish a connection via a button in the task bar. The corresponding menu allows a fast connection establishment, however, it is not visible to which target server a current connection exists – this is annoying especially with automatic server selection. In addition, an appealing graphic reworking is still missing. In the case of several servers per target country, these can be selected individually, but the current utilization of individual servers can unfortunately only be seen on the provider’s website.

On the software side, however, the possibility of manual DNS server configuration and the “Kill Switch”, which sets all web connections if the VPN connection should terminate, can be convincing. In addition to desktop applications, free apps for Android and iOS are available for download. In addition to the software, a manual connection to hide.me servers is also possible. For example, configuration is possible on the router or with alternative applications such as OpenVPN.

Solid Speeds

In the speed test, it is important to differentiate between free and paid variants: because users of the free version have to live with reduced server speeds. The free version reaches 5.7 Mbit for download and 2.4 Mbit for upload. These are passable values that make a largely fluid surfing experience possible.

The paid version is 14 Mbit for download and 3.5 Mbit for upload. These are also solid values, especially the increased download rate should allow problem-free streaming of HD content. However, these figures are disappointing for a payment service – especially at a price of EUR 16.99 per month. Cheaper providers achieve significantly better values in some cases, as our VPN comparison reveals.

Subscription Models

As mentioned, the basic version of hide.me is free of charge. Servers are available in Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands. The data volume is also limited to two gigabytes per month, not all protocols are available in the setup process. All in all, this is a fair offer that offers more performance than many free competitors.

More server selection and data volume is available in the Plus and Premium packages. Plus users have access to all 35 servers, the volume limit here is 75 gigabytes. Premium users also access all servers, but there is no volume limit. It can be used in both packages with up to five parallel end devices.

The Plus Package costs 7.99 euros per month or 50 euros per year. The premium package costs an impressive €16.99 per month, the price for the annual subscription is €110. This makes hide.me one of the most expensive VPN services ever. Neither server selection nor server speeds are playing in the upper league.

hide.me VPN: Conclusion

Convincing only in free version

Overall hide.me offers a solid service. However, the number and speed of servers is disproportionate to the high price of the subscription. Our VPN Best List reveals cheaper services with more performance. The free hide.me version, on the other hand, offers more inclusive volume than many competitors.