How To Watch NHL Outside The USA?

Good news for all ice hockey fans! The NHL, the KHL or selected games from the elite series in the livestream? Games of the NHL, KHL, DEL and WM can be watched online with a simple trick. You don’t need Sky or TV for that. We explain how it works.

1. Go to bet365
2. Register quickly
3. Under “Live at bet365” you will find the transmissions

Here we offer the best possibilities

With our providers you can watch matches from the respective leagues in the video stream almost every day. In the past, you had to stay up late to watch ice hockey games on Eurosport or Sky on TV. Now it’s easier. A computer and an Internet connection are enough and you can watch sports events online – in stream! Of course there are also illegal streams.

We present you a legal and free possibility to watch ice hockey games as video-on-demand on the internet! If you want to read more about unblocking the NHL in different countries read the article here:

Some games from the national ice hockey league can be seen online at the DEL‘s partner, including individual clips. But good offers for live streaming, which should also be in HD (High Definition), i.e. in highest quality, are rare. You have to search there. After the games of the NHL (National Hockey League) and the KHL (Continental Hockey League) there are American and Russian clips on Youtube. But these are of bad quality. And the ice hockey video clips are hard to find anyway. You can quickly find the TOP-10 videos or the most famous ice hockey videos in the world, but real live videos are not easy to find.
Of course you can also subscribe to the games. But there is Pay-TV. The games are also broadcast on pay TV, but not free of charge. You also pay for a package from which you don’t really want everything.

We now present a method for all hockey addicts to watch hockey live streams free of charge and in HD. Without jerking and flickering. Numerous online betting providers offer so-called live betting. That means you can bet on victory, draw, defeat, goals and so on during a game. So that this is also possible online, there are video players with which you can follow the games online. Of course, the providers also have the broadcasting rights for this! So it is completely legal to watch the ice hockey games here. Don’t worry!

You don’t have to gamble on your land to see the live games! We’d like to introduce you to three providers that differ from the competition in their streaming offerings! There is a live stream from bet365 and a live stream from bwin. We are concentrating and above all on the ice hockey streaming offer. But we also want to mention that there are of course live streams from football, tennis, football, motor sports and many other sports.

Advantages of the betting provider Streams

  • free
  • good quality
  • relatively easy to use
  • transfers from external leagues
  • partial transfers of special events

In addition, we will regularly announce the broadcasts on and take a closer look at selected pairings. Especially in the NHL the games with players from Germany are in the focus.

How it works

First of all: What do I have to do to see the live stream? As promised, we only present streams that are free of charge. At Sportingbet you only have to register to see the live stream. After registration you can start the live stream. Bet365 is a bit more difficult. Because here you don’t only have to register, you also have to pay 15 Euro to watch the live broadcast. But you don’t have to bet. That’s the entrance fee, so to speak. And 15 Euros is of course considerably less than 30 or 40 Euros for 24 months. Especially if you only want to watch ice hockey games. Of course, you also have access to all live streams offered by Bet365 after you have paid in. And even if you have to deposit 15 Euros, in our opinion Bet365 has by far the best ice hockey offer. In addition, all three providers offer a calendar that clearly shows the user when the next live streams are due!