Why Do I Need A VPN?

VPN can do even more: If you surf using VPN, secures both from against data espionage within public networks (WLANs, Hot Spots). In the use of public networks, it is for professionals an easy, used the data – eg retrieved emails, checked account balance or downloaded company documents – access. While surfing the train or cafe many ignorant users thus much more information divulge than they would like. Skimming however a VP network, all traffic is highly encrypted (mostly 128-bit encryption or more), so they are not accessible by third parties. Thus, you are effectively protected against eavesdropping in public networks. But of course there is also the question, which collects data from the VPN provider and how that information may be used. Some of the item featured on this page lead provider known as providers logs, that is to say certain content be documented. To save many providers the time of making the Internet connection, the timing of the separation of the Internet connection, the duration of the session, the bandwidth used and the dedicated IP address. Read more